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General Information

“Let’s talk about drugs” underlines the need for children, families, teachers and communities to talk about drug abuse, admit that it is a problem, and take responsibility for doing something about it.

Let’s talk about drugs”
 The campaign encourages parents, grandparents, other relatives, teachers, etc. to talk to children and young people about the dangers of drug use and to get them more involved in open discussions about drugs.

Be informed- Be prepared to discuss drug issues openly and honestly.

Set a good example- Remember that you are your child’s most important role model and  he or she pays attention to what you say and do.

Get involved, communicate- It is important to be involved and take an active interest in what is going in your child’s life. If you talk to them regularly about school and friends, it will not be difficult to discuss more sensitive issues like drugs.

Be a good listener- Let your children know that they can always come to you with their problems.
If your children can trust you and talk to you, they are less likely to make bad decisions.

Be aware- Everybody wants to think that their child is unlikely to take drugs, but the reality is that nobody is beyond it.


Change in friends

Unexplainable withdrawal, isolation, depression

Loss of interest in hobbies and sports

Change in sleeping and eating habits

Lack of interest in appearance

Drop in academic performance

Deteriorating relationships with family and friends

Hostility and lack of cooperation

Aggressive, rebellious behavior

Red eyes, runny nose unrelated to cold or allergies

An unexplained need for money