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About Us

We are - a non profit organisation working primarily in the field of drug addiction/alcoholism offering residential program, conducting awareness programs, organising free de-addiction camps and also working in the community in the field of HIV/AIDS awareness, health and community integration.

 We believe- a loving and structured atmosphere can help all addicts and alcoholics, irrespective of caste, creed, religion or economic back ground to reintegrate in the community as a responsible and contributing member.

Our aim - Awareness, Prevention, Treatment, Rehabilitation, HIV/AIDS/STD awareness and intervention and Community health awareness. 

Process involving: Self Help, Group Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Vocational Training.
We provide- Detoxification & Rehabilitation (Residential), Counseling, Family Counseling, Crisis Intervention, STD/HIV Awareness & Intervention, Day Care, Psychotherapy, Abscess Management Program, Helpline. 

Our team- comprises of Psychiatrists, Physiotherapists, Psychotherapist, De-addiction Counsellors, Social Workers and Volunteers (Ex- Addicts).

Our vision: DISHA will lead the way as the symbol of recovery. We will advocate for prevention of alcoholism and drug dependency and will develop innovative products and services for these and other diseases that respond to our model of care and recovery.

Since recovery needs vary for each person, a team of experts helps each client develop a personal plan to treat all aspects of the disease -- physical, emotional and spiritual. Our program is firmly based on the belief that people help people heal. There's always time to talk with others.


We believe: In treating the whole person, as well as the illness in treating the person with dignity and respect, and in continuing our commitment to a 12-Step philosophy and mutual support systems.